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Pork and sausages from farmer Alexander Brodovsky

Seasonal farm basket

Ceramic dishes from Suzdal’

Antique furniture and household items

Dinners and master-classes

Lunches in Lavka

Agrotourism. Ecotour

Farmers emergency aid

What is “Lavka”: some answers to your important questions.

What is “Lavka”?

“Lavka” (it means  a small local shop or a store in russian) is a place, where you can order fresh tasty  food directly from farms and it will be delivered straight to your door. We offer geese, ducks, chicken, turkey, butter, sour cream, milk, ryazhenka, cottage cheese and much more! We only offer the products that are produced in farms or households in Russia. The seasonal factor is very important for us – this is why our product range is limited and varies from season to season.

How do we cooperate with producers of your tasty country food?
The most important is how we are testing our suppliers. We spend a lot of time visiting the private farms and households in Moscow region and neighboring regions and selecting the best of them as our suppliers. 2 times a week we set an expedition: we find a farm and head there taking our photo and video cameras and the most important our mouths and stomachs with us. We speak with the farmers, take pictures, film and the most important taste what the producers have to offer us. If we see, taste and feel with our stomachs that the food is worth offering to you – we include the farmer in the list of our suppliers and their products in our product range. Of course we check that the farmer has all the necessary documentation and licenses for their product but our experience says that this is necessary but not the most important. Much more important is how the animals are treated and fed, how the soil is cultivated, what fertilizers are used. Moreover we tend to work with the people we sympathize. Believe us – this is very important, especially when it comes to entrusting to someone  of our most cherished emotion – joy and happiness from eating.

Where can we have a look at your farmers?
We post stories of our farmer and gastro-expeditions on our website. You can see everything about the producer of a lamb, a goose, a can of jam or yoghurt: where the farmer lives, how exactly his/her product is grown/produced. It is important to understand that “Lavka” is an information gate between the city and the country, we give you the information on the availability of fresh and tasty food. Placing an order at “Lavka” you address the producer.

What are your operating hours?
Home delivery is done three times a week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at
convenient time for you from 12 noon till 23-00. It is best to order 3 days in advance
(especially if you order poultry: goose, turkey, duck. Because we work straight with
the farm producers and deliver the freshest products, we negotiate with the producers
regarding poultry right after we receive an order). The delivery can take place on
other days/time by private agreement.

What are your terms of delivery?
You can skip the delivery fee if you pick your order yourself at Lavka or one of our
order handing offices (the number of which is growing). Soon these order handing
offices will open at Red October and on Stoleshnikov pereulok. Later it will be
Nikitskaya street and many more.

At present we have two points where you can pick up your order: Lavka (Nizhniy
Susalniy per., 5 str. 19) and “Ragout” restaurant (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 69).

Delivery fee varies depending on the time of delivery. Being honest this is only due
to Moscow’s terrible traffic jams. It is much better for us if you set your delivery time
after 21-00. By this time the number of cars on the streets is much less. Thus the cost
of delivery within MRHW (MKAD) before 21-00 is 400 rub. and after 21-00 is 300
rub. The minimum order is 1000 rub. If your order is 5000 rub. or more – the delivery
is free at any time.

Delivery beyond MRHW (MKAD) is for orders in the amount of 5000 rub. or more.
The cost of delivery beyond MRHW (MKAD) is 200 rub. 100 rub. for each 5 km.

How do you place an order?
Just email us at
or call us: +7 915 222 14 82

Can you give some advice on how to make a better order?
The better you describe what you want – the easier it will be for us and more pleasant
for you afterwards. Here is some useful advice. When ordering poultry indicate
the desired weight. Besides this we accept any other wishes and comments. For
example: “I need chicken to fry”, “I want to prepare soup on real chicken stock”, “I
like the cottage cheese to be fatty and more sour”, “please give me some light and
Lenten cottage cheese” and anything else – write to us and describe what you want.

What is Lavka’s “Grocery Basket”?
Special program “Grocery Basket” is simple and ingenious. You can pick the desired
range of products you need every week (for example 1 kg. of veal, 1 chicken, 200 g.
of sour cream, 200 g. of butter, 2 l. of milk) once - and forget about it. Weekly we
will deliver everything you have put in your “Grocery Basket” straight to your door.
Of course you can update your “Grocery Basket” whenever you want, for example
add a goose, a wild boar’s foot or 3 l. of apple vinegar.

Why is this good for you?
You place an order once and forget about it (of course we will give you a call every week before it’s time for your next delivery in case you are out on vacation or decided
to fast). It is a splendid program really. Try it!

Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods can pick their Lavka orders at our order
desk in “Food & Fruit” (Berezovaya roscha street, 8, Polezhaevskaya metro station).
These residents have two advantages: a) they don’t have to pay for delivery; b) they
don’t have to reach 1000 rub. minimum to place an order – the sum can be less.

The order desk will work on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You can pick your
order anytime during the working hours.

We have opened one more order desk where you can place orders and pick them up. It
is situated in a great new restaurant ´Ragoutª (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 69). E-mail of
our order desk is lavkashop@gmail.com You can have a dinner at ´Ragoutª and
pick up your order there. Or you can pick up your order and dine there. You can place
an order with us or directly at the restaurant. In anyway you pick up your order at ´Ragoutª and don't pay for delivery!

How can you cooperate with Lavka?
Lavka is a growing and developing project. This is very pleasant. But there are
difficulties that we are going through. The most crucial of them is that it's getting
harder and harder to deliver the ongrowing amount of orders. We will cope with this – we are sure, but this problem remains. Thus first of all we want to remind you that you can pick up your orders yourself at Lavka or Ragout restaurant. Soon we will open a new order handing office at Stoleshnikov pereulok and are thinking on opening one on Yugo-Zapadnaya.

But we have one more idea on how we can make the delivery process easier. We offer
all wiling to help to become volunteers of Lavka and the farms we work with. We would like to call this volunteer a “farmster”.

Who is Lavka’s farmster. It is a person who organizes collective orders between
one’s friends, colleagues, and neighbors, picks it up at Lavka and hands out parts to
friends and neighbors. This results in friends and neighbors getting their order without
paying for delivery and the farmster helping us, farmers that Lavka works with,
friends and neighbors. Everyone benefits from this. Besides this the farmster can
get food for free from Lavka as a reward. If the total value of the collective order
is from 15 to 24 thousand rub., the farmster can place a free order for 10% from
the total of the collective order. If it’s 24 thousand rub. or more – than the reward is 12%. The only requirement for a future farmster is a personal meeting with us before our cooperation. We must get acquainted, dine and get to know each other better.

Give us a call or email us:
+7 915  2221482

What is Lavka gift certificate?
You can present our “treasury note” as a gift to your relatives and friends and they will be able to order Lavka food for the amount indicated on the certificate at a convenient time for them. We have certificates for 3000, 5000, 10000 and 20000 rub. We also have certificates for a goose (2500) and a wild boar (7000).

Why do we change cans?
We sell all our dairy products in glass cans. And we take the cans back. How does it work? We deliver the dairy products in glass cans and include a 30 rub. (the value of a can) fee for them during your first order. The next time you order dairy we take the cans from your previous order and don’t include the can fee for the next order. Thus you pay for the cans only once and we will change the glass cans every next order. It’s ecological and pleasant.

+7 915 222 14 82

фото - Серж Головач photo - Serge Golovach

  As many requested  we decided to give a master class on how to cook a turkey for Christmas dinner.

. Olga Strizhibikova and turkey from Natalia Ryzhova from the Vladimir region arrives to Lavka on December 22, Wednesday at 19.00.
And you come! Together with you we will prepare the turkey. "Marinating, stuffing and cooking. And then eating. (In fact, we will prepare one a bit earlier - and then one we prepared together we'll put in the oven, but that first  we will eat together with you. Otherwise you will have to wait for a long time -))).

Ticket to  master class: 1000.

mportant: for all events you need to buy tickets in advance.  Please call or email to our administrator Lilya. 8 967 290 76 93,(speak russian) lilia @ lavkalavka . ru Or Dmitry 8 926 951 51 18 (english).  Tickets you can pick up at Lavka (Nizhny Susalny 5 stroyenie 19) or in a restaurant Рагу (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 69) - but first be sure to book a ticket with Lilya.  You can also book a ticket with the delivery (in this case,  general rules for the delivery of products from Lavka apply)
It seems, inauguration of the website of Lavka project will take place this week. We have been working on it overe a year.  And now very soon it will be possible to see for everybodThis will be a real farmer's market in the inernet and a social network that will connect buyers and farmers.  Hooray!  In this regard, we have decided to declare Syrnikov's dinner on Thursday not just a gastronomic event - but also a celebration of the opening of the website!

December 9, Thursday 19:30

  For the first time!  A full dinner from Maxim Syrnikov - the country's chief theoretician and practic of Russian gastronomic reality.


  Dinner "True Russian cuisine.

This is not a master class, namely the dinner.  Those who want, can come early and see how everything is prepared. A 19.30 will start  gastronomic act itself.

-Solyanka of fish ( a thick russian soup made of different kinds of fish or meat)
-Rasstegay and kalitiki(kind of pies)
-Mushroom mix in the pan
-Side of the lamb with  porridge(usually buckweat)
-Gurievskaya kasha
-Honey drink (medovukha)

Cost is 2500 rub.,

No more than 20 people.

mportant: for all events you need to buy tickets in advance.  Please call or email to our administrator Lilya. 8 967 290 76 93, lilia @ lavkalavka . ru   Tickets you can pick up at Lavka (Nizhny Susalny 5 stroyenie 19) or in a restaurant Рагу (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 69) - but first be sure to book a ticket with Lilya.  You can also book a ticket with the delivery (in this case,  general rules for the delivery of products from Lavka apply)

Christmas farm-fresh basket

The whole of December and until January 6, 2011 we have a new proposal. Christmas farm-fresh basket! And not one, but two!

Here they are:

1. 1 Christmas farm-fresh basket  №1 - with a goose.
What's Inside: Goose (3,5-4 kg), honey - 0.5-liter, raspberry jam - 0.5 liter.  Belevskaya pastila - 0,5 kg.  Pickled mushrooms - 0.5-liter, sauerkraut with an apple - 0,5 kg, cheeses from the farmer  Jay Close - three types, 200 grams each, white bread from monastery.

Price: 7000 rubles.

2. Christmas farm-fresh basket № 2 - with a turkey.
What's inside: turkey (4-5 kg), honey - 0.5 liters.  Jam(varenje) of pine cones - 0.8 liters. Belevskaya pastila - 0,5 kg. Pickled mushrooms - 0.5-liter, sauerkraut with an apple - 0,5 kg, cheeses from the farmer  Jay Close - three types, 200 grams each, white bread from monastery.

Price: 8500 rubles.

 The easiest way to contact us:

  write to


or call

+7 915 222 14 82

Pelmeni and Vareniki

Pelmeni and Vareniki (dumplings)

Big news!
We opened our own workshop in Korolev! Here we will produce from our farm products  all sorts of important delicious food, and already have dumplings, burgers and sausages. This week - dumplings, meatballs and sausages from marble beef (that very unique - Russian farm-beef of  Angus breed).

Prices for dumplings

Dumplings lamb / pork / veal - 900 rubles per 1 kg (lamb from Dagestan, pork and veal from the Belarusian farmers)
Dumplings veal / pork - 900 rubles per 1 kg (pork and veal from the Belarusian farmers)
Dumplings with marble Angus beef (cows are from Mozhaisk area - we are told about them here) - 1070 rubles per 1 kg
Dumplings with potatoes(
potatos are  from  Belarusian farmer Roman Zhigalina)- 490 rubles per kilogram.

All hand-made.

The price for sausages and burgers will be known later

Buckwheat honey from Volodin brothers

Volodin, Viktor Stepanovich and sons (in the photo - sons)

Orel region, Znamensky district, village Selihovo. About 400 km from Moscow.

  Volodins deal only with buckwheat honey.They have  20 "bee colonies"

 Here is what Volodins have   written about themselves:
  "Viktor Stepanovich Volodin, Orel town native, born in 1944. All my life  worked as a master of rope shop for rolling mill in Orel. Married, two adult married sons.
Beekeeper with roots, his grandfather worked with bees and when he was 10-12 years old started to get interested himself.  He helped his grandfather in everything  concerning the bees and apiary.  Grandfather died, the bees died.
 After 8 yerars in school started hisown bees, had 7-8 hives untill serving in the army. After the army, studied, married and by the age of 30  went back to beekeeping.
His motto is: " Not quantity but quality," ie,there is no point having a lot of beehives, it is better to ensure that every bee family give a maximum of honey.
  The foundation of all - a strong bee family.  He achieves this by not allowing  families to swarm, in time dividing family and making a "double decker"  hive. Thus,  two families develop separately, but in one hive.  When going "to the field" connects these two families, leaving the young queen, and as a result  gets a strong bee family.  From such a family he gets  50 liters of honey.
  He has 20 families (for comparison: his colleagues have 40 families, and they collect  the same amount of honey).
. All is needed he makes himself: hives, frames, wax  in exchange for honeycombs, honey pumps, etc.
. With beehives he goes in mid-June to mid-August to buckwheat fields of Orel region fore more than 20 years. He lives there with the bees. "

800 rubles per 0.5 liter
1500 rubles per liter
 3200 rub.- 3 liter cans

  Volodin himself at the apiary.

Historic day. Russian steak beef in Lavka.

We will be proud.  And shout  loudly : For the first time in Russia and in Lavka we have  a local Steak beef!   Meat breed bulls Angus and Galloway, living in Moscow and Tver Region.
It is that very meat - real beef, from which  steaks are made.  And that's the the meat, which  in Russia was only available in the import version.  Mostly,  Australian.

But now we have  meat revolution! So far not very ambitious, but  something we had to start with.

So, try to briefly and clearly tell the whole story: today we were at the farm of Myaukin Valery Borisovich in the village "Korovino" Mozhaisky area. There live cows of Angus and Galloway breeds.  This farm is involved in the National Association of Cattlebreeders.   And  Valery Borisovich himself is the president of the association.  With us was  Gernot Klammer - one of the founders of the Association.  He also has his own farm - in the Tver region, inhabited by 1,500 animals.

The perpouse of this association is to create and maintain a beef cattle breeding in Russia. Through the association the farmers will be able to build sales of meat - that is known to be the difficult case in Russia.  However, so far there is almost nothing to sell. In Russia there are now only a few thousand cows and bulls of meat breeds. All of this amount can be eaten pretty quickly. That's why we need to start to make quantity of cows for a start 10 times, and then 100 more.  In this case this is not possible without understanding how  actually to sell this meat here.  So as an experiment Lavka and Russian farmers from the Association start a project - selling the meat of domestic Angus and Galloway.

Now about the meat. The meat you order in Lavka.  And wait- from 1 to 4 weeks. Why so long?  Because a)  there are not so many bulls b) all bulls are slaughtered by order c) meat is aged after slaughter for approximately 20 days.
Each package of the farmers association will have a stamp - the date of slaughter.  That is, you will know how much the meat was aged.

Orders for the meat we begin to take now.  Something we have already right now.  Something will have to wait.
In addition, on Sunday we're going to have a master class on cooking steaks, and at the same time the presentation of this very meat.

That's what is going to happen:

November 28, Sunday. 15.00
 "Who are we? Meat! "
Frying and eating steaks. Master class. Boris Akimov . Olga Strizhibikova

A master class on cooking real steaks.  For the first time real "Beef Steak" from Russian farmers.  Steaks with blood and well-done.  In general, all sorts.
Lavka is the only place in Russia where you can cook and eat a good steak from a high quality specially grown farm local beef.
Entry: 1500 rubles.

And please ask questions, to us and farmers! We'll answer and ask producers.

There it is:

Name Tare Weight (kg) price for 1 kg.

Goulash Beef for stew from 1,5 to 2,5 680

Striploin Steak from 0,5 to 1,0 in 1530

Brisket from 0,3 to 1,0 in 1020

Knuckle from 3,5 to 4,0 850

Chuck from 3,0 to 4,5 850

Shank from 0,5 to 4,0 850

Topside Silver side from 1,0 to 3,7 935

Rump from 2,0 to 2,5 765

Blade from 1,0 to 3,6 850

Tenderloin from 1,3 to 1,9 in 1870

Round from 1,4 to 1,6 in 1020

Filet from 1,4 to 2,4 in 1530

Ribeye from 1,5 to 2,5 in 1530

Top side from 1,0 to 1,7 850

Composite flesh from 1,3 to 8,5 510

Photos- again just wonderful.  With us, to the farm went lelique.
More photos - http://lelique.livejournal.com/187571.html

Quail, quail eggs and a rabbit - now it can be ordered in Lavka from Father Vladimir, who is also a farmer. He and his assistant,  Brother Vasili  build a farm and restores two churches near the village Pershino in  Tula region.

Quails, as it turns out, have the  body temperature of 40 degrees.  That is, they do not suffer from the typical bird diseases. For example, Salmonella, etc.  All of infection at this temperature dies.  And the quail does not. Therefore, you can drink raw eggs with no fear. Thats what we are  doing in the last 3 days continuously.

 Also Father Vladimir puts a lot of effort  in the restoration of churches.  And if suddenly you will want to help him - and along with to try quail - then we'll show you how to get there.

He also has geese and goats.  And little by little you can order a goose eggs.  And soon there will be goat milk too.
And rabbits. Forgot about the rabbits. There they are, and they can and should be eaten.  Californian white rabbits. Breed - one of the most delicious.  So please order!

 By the way, the prices are much lower.  From Ryzhova - 200 for quail, here - 135, eggs instead of 120 rubles - 80 rubles, etc.

Quail Bird - 135 rubles per carcass

 Quail eggs - 80 rubles per dozen.

 Rabbit 550 rub per kg.

Photo (very cool -)): Alex Zinoviev (Lelique)

By the way,  to Fr. Vladimir you can go for one-day agrotur!


Dinner at Lavka. Resposible for the goat.

The aim of our dinner - the rehabilitation of  goatmeat, which is  for some reasons in Russia is considered as second-class meat. Although it is not true at all.  And it seems to us, we have  managed to quite succeed in this.  Those 20 people who came for a dinnner that evening to eat a goat seems to be very happy (we will be corrected, if it is not true -)))

So, how was it.

The recipes are presented by the author - Olga Strizhibikova and photos by Lisa Zhitskaya.

 Dinner menu with recipes:

A soup of goat meat with white vegetables and sherry (for 6)

 We need:

Goat ribs 600 g

 Onion  1 pc

 Leek 2 pcs

 1 carrot

4 Turnips

Green celery - 2 stalks

Celery root 1 piece

Parsley root of 2 pieces

1 young zucchini 


Sweet bell pepper and black pepper  5 dots each

Bay leaf, 3 pieces

½ cup dry sherry

 What to do
Clear the meat of films and grease, peel roots.
For the broth we will need: 1 onion,  1 carrot, 1 turnip, 1 parsley root, 1 leek (white part of leek to fry with vegetables, green to be added later), ¼ celery root, peppers and bay leaf.  In a saucepan with a thick bottom  fry ribs until golden brown (every time when turning the ribs  pour 1-2 tablespoons of water), roots fry in the frying pan until golden brown.  You can  just bake all this in the oven, but I like to fry the meat in the same pan, where   the broth will boil, so the taste of the broth turns richer and it has more saturated color.  Pour the roasted roots into the pan, pour the six plates of cold water (those plates, which will be served soup), plus add 2 plates on boiling. Bring to a boil over low heat.  Remove any scum and leave it on small fire to cook  for 3-4 hours (it is better not to cover - to keep transparency).  Put bell peppers and in the end, add the bay leaf. When ready filtrate the broth through a linen cloth (for the fans of perfectly clear broth, you can clean it with egg wites:  beat up 2 egg wites into thick foam, bring broth to a boil and put in  whites, stir the broth in one direction and then along with these pop-up wite flakes, filter it  through a linen napkin).

The remaining roots and zucchini chop  into cubes. Saute in olive oil or butter (here as one likes, I prefere  butter), add it into the broth, bring to simmer. The white part of leeks chop finely  to half rings and also saute in butter and add to broth. When vegetables and roots will be soft enough, pour in ½ cup of sherry. Turn off the the heat.  Let  the soup to  stay little  under the cover.

2 Pumpkin Salad with Rucola and Parmesan

We will need:

½ medium-sized pumpkin

  3 good sized bundle of rucola

 Cheese-Parmesan (crumbed) 150 g

Pine nuts for decoration

1 table spoon of butter

1 table spoon of mustard

2 tablespoons  of honey (preferably liquid)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt to taste

 What to do:

Cut the pumpkin into thin slices approximately 2X2 cm and saute in butter.  Wash rucola and tear it into pieces.  Mix the rucola with the pumpkin, add mustard and honey dressing (you have to mix the mustard, honey and olive oil), sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, mix well.    For more beautyfull outlook sprinkle remaining parmesan over salad and add handful of toasted pine nuts.

3 Beetroot salad with goat cheese

What we need:

6 or 7 pc of beetroot

200 g of goat cheese (I like soft)

100 g pine nuts

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Balsamic vinegar just a bit

Olive oil 2 times more than balsamic

What to do
I think that the way to prepare this salad is known to everyone.
  But still ...

Beets wash thoroughly , wrapp in foil and bake (2 hours, no less, I've overbacked recently, just forgot and it turned  something fantastic ). Coll ready beets , peel, cut into cubes, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and pepper. I usually give the beets to stand  like this for about 30 minutes.  Then mix the beets with goat cheese and pine nuts.  Add salt if needed. Thats it.

4 Goat stew with pumpkin and zira

What we need

Goat fillet 1.5 kg

½ small pumpkin

Salt and pepper to taste

 Zira to taste

2 sprigs of thyme

Olive oil 2 tablespoons

 What to do:

Clean meat  from the films and fat, cut into cubes 2x3 cm. Put in a bowl, add salt and pepper, add olive oil, mix well and leave for 30 minutes.  While meat is marinating, you can peel and chop the pumpkin into cubes 2X2 cm. Then fry meat  in a hot dry frying pan with a thick bottom to a golden brown, put in a cast-iron pan, stir in pumpkin, generously sprinkle with zira (it is up to you, I just like this way)   pour 4 tablespoons of water, nicely put sprigs of thyme, cover tightly with a lid and put it in the oven for 2-3 hours.

5 roast shoulder with rosemary and thyme

We need:

Goat Shoulder 1 Piece

Olive oil 2 tablespoons

5 sprigs thyme (Well, in fact as you like)

5 sprigs of rosemary (the same story as with thyme)

Salt and freshly ground black pepper and all spice to taste

What to do:

Leg thoroughly clean from the films and fat.  Coat with olive oil, salt and pepper.Tear off the leaves from the thyme sprigs, finely chopped rosemary leaves.  Roll the shoulder  in a mixture of herbs. Wrap in plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.  On baking sheet lay out a few sprigs of thyme and rosemary, they put shovel (without food film) on top, if desired, lay out the rosemary and thyme (I desire usually).Cover with foil and put into the oven.  Minutes like in 15-20 dec heat to 180 degrees.  and bake well ... 40 minutes more. . Yes,  and for 10 minutes before the end of cooking foil must be removed.

Our new and very exciting farmer. Jay Robert. Close and his wife Valentina Close.  An American, he came in the 90's  to Russia and spent several years working as a chef in Moscow restaurants.  And then, 3 years by now settled in a village near Solnechnogorsk.  Here he  owns cows, goats and sheep.  And  he makes his own cheese. More than 20 kinds of cheese. And all are wonderful.  Jay often goes to the Netherlands to improve his own cheese making skills.

Iguana named Bin Laden lives at American Jay Close.  An American himself is living in the Russian countryside with his wife Valya and makes an excellent cheese

All sorts of spices for cheese Close brings also from Holland

With us came  Al Jazeera - they were making report about us and about the farmer.  Cool isn't it - Al Jazeera came to a Russian village where  lives an iguana named Bin Laden.

Closes have cows.  Several lives right next to the house. Others in the farm a few kilometers away.

Closes make more than 20 kinds of cheese

I think we will  tell about them more in the future.  And so far we are happy to announce that now you can buy in  Lavka the  cheese from Closes.  We have been long time looking for this very high-quality Russian farmer cheese - and now found it, along with an interesting history of American, born in New York and now living in the Russian countryside.


 Jay talks about how he came to Russia:

 Jay and bacteria, which he brought from Holland. Specifically to make his own cheese:

 Jay switched to English and shows off his cheese to guys from Al-Jazeera who filmed a report about Lavka and went with us to Closes.

1)    Shambalat (taste of walnut) -   . 950 rubles per kilogram.

  Mustard mix (a mix of mustard seeds) - 950 rubles per kilogram.

3)      Italian garden (sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper, onion, garlic, basil, black pepper), 950 rubles per kilogram.

4)      Cheese with celery leaves - 950 p.

5)      Ginger, red pepper, onion, garlic, horseradish. 950 р. 950 p.

6)      Cheese,  with asparagus 950 p.

7)      Cayenne pepper (hot & spicy) 950 p.

8)      Mixed peppercorns (black, gray, green, red, pink) 950 rubles

9)      With basil - 950 rubles per kilogram.

10)  Cheese with caraway seeds - 950 rubles per kilogram.

11) Indian Garden (parsley, onion, garlic, pepper, curry powder). 950 rub.

12)  Herbs of the garden ( celery, parsley, onion, garlic) 950 rub.

13) Cheese with nettle leaves, 950 rub..

14)  Feta (Fetaki) (cow and goat), 950 and 1350 rubles

15)  Ricotta, curd cheese (pure or with any flavor), 950 rubles.

16) Edam cheese  950 rubles.

17) Gouda 950 rubles.

18)  Smoked 1050 rubles

19) Kajun 1050 rubles

20)    Mozzarella 1450 rubles

21)  Yogurt (live and drinking) 210 rubles per liter.

All of these cheeses can be ordered now, and starting from Wednesday Jay Close will bring them to you.